Glorifying God through cross-multiple art mediums, in Jesus' Name!
Visual Map_Vision Collage.PNG

Vision Collage

Curious of what TANDEM HOPE WORSHIP COLLECTIVE hopes to accomplish?

Check it out our visual map here!

Visual Map_Vision Collage.PNG

Vision Collage & Community Map

We understand that it’s difficult to fully grasp what TANDEM HOPE hopes to be and accomplish just by reading the “about us” page. So, we thought it might be helpful to create a fun map as a visual to engage with. If you are interested in learning more or contributing in some way, please do not hesitate to contact us!

This map originally started as a just an organization chart, illustrating what subgroups and projects were under the umbrella and “parent organization” of TANDEM HOPE. But as I started to add just a little bit of color—just a little bit of personality, the creativity kind of just exploded out of me. *Haha* And I just decided to run with it! I hope it begins to paint a more clear picture of what we believe God is doing in the hearts of TANDEM HOPE WORSHIP COLLECTIVE.
— Leisha Cole, founder & head worship leader of TANDEM HOPE WORSHIP COLLECTIVE


What is a “Worship Collective”?

We’re a group of Believers and followers of Christ Jesus. We appreciate and contribute cross-multiple mediums of art. We’re into music, art, and literature that glorifies God. We delight in the God who is Creator, so we also are made in His Image. We love to create for Kingdom Causes.