Glorifying God through cross-multiple art mediums, in Jesus' Name!
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We believe that God will bless us with opportunities to serve, to encourage, to awaken the Body, through this music ministry & Worship Collective. 

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More specifically in the realm of worship music, we would initially receive a “request for worship services” from someone via website, phone, email, or personal interest.  Because I, myself personally manage the team, I would send an email out to our “pool of Christian musicians” asking who might be interested in helping at the event.  Also, keep in mind we have authors and artists in our crew! Those who express an interest will be sent out to be The Church—paid gig or not.  Money is not our prerogative; we believe that Our Heavenly Father will provide for us as He sees fit for the purposes of His Kingdom.

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My advice for those of you planning an event, is to contact us at least 8-10 weeks before your scheduled event. This ensures that we have increased time to recruit a team and prepare for your event. TANDEM HOPE wants to provide careful planning and consideration for your specific Kingdom Cause.

Leisha Cole,

Founder & Leader of TANDEM HOPE



We believe that because God has stirred specific desires In our hearts and has continued to open doors for this ministry, He will choose to financially bless us as He sees fit.  And we want to be faithful stewards of financial gifts! And as much as we desire to be completely free of interacting with money while serving, the reality is that there are many financial costs in carrying out a ministry--especially one that travels and is independent from financial support from any specific church (other than the capital "C" Church).  And in case you didn't already know, the TANDEM HOPE crew comprises of servants from many different churches and denominations of the Christian faith.  We are passionate about UNITY amongst ALL believers, and we come together, united by The Holy Spirit, in Christ Jesus’ Name. 

Any money that comes in, is spent SOLELY on this collaborative ministry, and nothing more.  Our crew lives out servanthood and Christ's Sacrificial Love by serving their local church—while working, and supporting their own families.  This ministry is not a secondary income for anyone involved.  TANDEM HOPE is a collective of musicians and worshippers that LOVE to spend time with God and the Body through music and the arts. Again, we all want to be faithful stewards of the gifts, time, money, and talents He has given us—ALL for His Glory.  We LOVE to PRAISE and WORSHIP! 


With that being said, we as TANDEM HOPE, offer services with a fee, and yet we also use discernment to provide free-of-charge services for Christian events.  We passionately seek God for each and every invitation that comes our way.  We inquire His Wisdom and Guidance. And ultimately, we desire to be humble servants, not wannabe rock stars or the next “up and coming.” 

There is beauty in surrender and humility and we will continue to stretch our faith and trust God to provide as He ALWAYS has.  If you feel moved to donate--GREAT!  If not, we would love your prayers and encouragement! 


Please pray for our music ministry. 

We believe that God is MOVING in our own hearts and in the hearts of His Body through TANDEM HOPE.